Four Things You Want To Know About Care And Protection For Your New Hardwood Flooring

For many people with hardwood floors, there is some confusion when it comes to care, cleaning and protecting their hardwood floors. What type of cleaning products should you use? Should you apply a coat of wood wax and sealant? Are there any cleaning products that can damage your floors? These are just some of the questions you may have when it comes to caring for your new hardwood flooring.  It you want your hardwood floors to last longer, here are four things that you will want to know about caring for them:

1. Choosing Sweeping Over Mopping

You should avoid mopping your hardwood floor. The water from the mopping can cause the wood to check and crack. Instead, sweep your floor regularly to keep it clean.  To get more dirt out of the floor, use a wide broom with a microfiber cloth, which is something that you can find at most grocery and drug stores.

2. Using A Light Wood Cleaner When Mopping Is Necessary

Although you should avoid mopping, there may be times when you need to clean up a small mess, especially if you have children. You will want to use an oil-based soap that is meant for wood. With hot water, add the soap to a bucket and clean the mess up with a mop. You may want to have two mop-heads; one for cleaning and another for drying and soaking up water. However, if you can avoid this, it's best to use a damp rag with the cleaner instead.

3. Annual Waxing Of Your Floor For A Protective Coating

Waxing your wood flooring adds a protective coating to your floors. This is something that you can do annually to help protect your flooring.  It will make your flooring easier to clean and prevent things like scratches and stains. If you have children or animals, you can do this several times a year when the coating is worn.

4. Buffing Out Bad Spots And Scratches In Your Flooring

Eventually, you may have problems with scratches and spots on the surface of your floor. These problems are often just on the surface and can be fixed by buffing the wood flooring. If you have damaged areas on your hardwood floor, you can buff the area out to make your floors look like new again. Once you have done this, you may also want to wax the floor to protect it and help blend in the bad spots with the rest of the floor.  

These are some of the things that you will want to know about caring for your new hardwood flooring. If you want to have your hardwood flooring refinished or add new flooring to your home, contact a hardwood flooring wholesaler, like The Floor Club, to get the flooring you want for your home.