Bathroom Remodeling Without Demolition Work

When your goal is to remodel your bathroom, it can be tricky to accomplish without removing items from the space. To change your bathroom without any demolition work, you need to be creative about how you enhance the surfaces and fixtures in the room. By taking the opportunity to look through a variety of projects, you will be able to improve your bathroom without tearing it apart first.

Painting the Surfaces

One way to spruce up any bathroom is to repaint the surfaces of the sinks, cabinets, toilet and bathtub. The easiest portion to paint will be the cabinets inside your bathroom. You only need to clean and sand the surface, which allows the new coat of paint to adhere properly. Changing the paint colors is a good option for improving the overall look of each cabinet.

For the other areas of the bathroom, it will take additional steps to repaint the surfaces. For example, most acrylic and porcelain items such as the sink and bathtub need a specific paint and sealer to complete the project. You can find paints that will adhere to the surface, but they usually require an acrylic or polyurethane coat to protect the new paint from the water.

Even though you can do the basic painting yourself, a bathroom remodeling company has the experience to handle any repairs these items need as well. Unfortunately, some of these paints do not cover rust or cracks, so you need to repair these problems first.

Repairing porcelain and acrylic surfaces require composite resins or other compounds that are difficult to use. In this type of situation, you should have the remodeling company handle the repairs and you can paint the surfaces to complete this portion of your bathroom makeover.

Self-Adhesive Products

Another way to enhance your bathroom is to use self-adhesive products. These products are easy to apply and remove, so you can change the look of the space quickly and as often as you prefer.

One self-adhesive option is vinyl tiles, which come in different shapes and sizes. Traditionally, you use these tiles as flooring, though you can cut them to fit the length and width of your bathroom shelves.

Contact paper is another option you can use throughout your bathroom. You simply pull away the paper and apply it shelves or cabinets. This paper comes in several colors and patterns, which gives you the opportunity to customize your bathroom without having to complete a lot work in the process.

When you are looking for ways to change your bathroom, you should first look into projects that do not require demolition work. Paint and self-adhesive products are just two material options you have to accomplish your goal. To come up with other ideas or if you need some completing these projects, it is best to consult a bathroom remodeling company, such as DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, and ask for their assistance.