Protecting Your New Hardwood Floor Installation from Your Dog

Your new hardwood floor installation is an asset and an investment that should be protected and maintained. As a dog owner, you may be concerned about how you can protect your hardwood floors from your pet. It's true that dogs can be tough on hardwood floors, but with a little hard work and training, you can protect your new hardwood floors from your dog. 

Practice Scratch Prevention

Your dog's claws may be the biggest enemy of your hardwood floors, but fortunately there are many ways that you can prevent the damage they cause. 

  • Keep your dog's claws trimmed. To ensure your dog's nails are short enough to protect your floors, but not so short that it causes the dog pain, cut the claws to a point about two millimeters away from the quick.
  • Buy non-skid dog booties or claw covers. Both of these products are effective for protecting your hardwood floors. Non-skid dog booties are recommended if your dog tends to slip on your hardwood floors. 
  • Put floor runners and carpets over high-traffic areas. If your dog won't tolerate booties or claw covers, this is a good way to protect the most frequently traveled areas of your floor. 

Train Your Dog to Wait by the Door

Train your dog to wait by the door when coming in from the yard until given permission to enter your home. This will ensure that you have time to wipe up his or her fur if it's wet or muddy, and will prevent your floors from becoming stained or water damaged.

Clean Up Accidents Right Away

Use a paper towel to blot up dog urine right away after an accident occurs. Then sprinkle the area with baking soda and leave it to sit overnight. After cleaning up the baking soda, wipe down the affected area with a solution made of equal parts vinegar and water. Dry the spot with a clean, dry rag. 

Use Non-Skid Water and Food Dishes

Water and food dishes have a way of traveling the floor when nudged by the noses of eager dogs. To prevent spills and scratches that can damage your floors, switch to a non-skid water and food dish that your dog can't easily push. 

With proper training your dog won't be any worse for your hardwood floors than the other members of your household. Following these recommendations, you should be able to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful for many years to come. Should you need to fix your floor, however, contact a company such as Upchurch's Hardwood Installation Refinish & Repair.