How To Repair Leaky Window Panes

Making basic repairs to your window frames can make them stronger, more energy-efficient and safer. One of the most common problems with aging windows is that window panes get dislodged from the frame. This dislodging is often hard to notice. You might hear a rattle when you open and close your window. If your window does rattle, air could be leaking in and out of your house even when they are closed. This article explains how to reseal and caulk around your window panes.

Scraping Away the Old Caulk

If your window pane is rattling, the first step is to remove all of the old caulk. To do this you will want to use a painters knife and a razor blade. First use the knife to gouge away large chunks of the caulk. In some cases you will be able to easily get all of the caulk off of the glass and the frame. If not, use the razor blade to delicately scrape away any excess caulk. At this point, it is a good idea to clean the frame and window pane with basic cleaner.

Applying New Caulk

Once the surface is clean, you can start to apply the new caulk. Make sure you buy a waterproof caulk that is designated for windows and doors. Use a caulk gun to squeeze the caulk into the corners of frame. At this point, the caulk line will be uneven and lumpy. You need to smooth it out and push push the caulk into the crack so it creates a stronger seal.

The best way to smooth it out is to simply use your finger and press it along the caulk line. This will wipe away the excess and leave behind a smooth caulk line. The key is to make sure that you  clean off your finger after every wipe. This is easier and cleaner if you wear a latex glove. If any of the caulk gets too far onto the glass, you can simply wait for it to dry and scrape it away with a razor blade. With a nice and straight caulk line, your window will look great because it will cover up any dings and blemishes along the edge of the window frame.

With new caulk on your windows, you can reduce air leakage and increase the overall energy efficiency of your property. It will also ensure that your window pane is waterproof. It is a smart upgrade to do before the rainy, cold winter comes.  

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