4 Kitchen Features To Update When Selling Your House

When looking at houses on the market, many times buyers end up buying or passing on a home based on its kitchen. The heart of the home definitely takes the spotlight, whether for better or for worse. If you're planning to sell your home, consider assessing your kitchen. Think like a buyer: What needs updating? Does the kitchen need new paint? What about your appliances or cabinets? Asking yourself questions like these can help you figure out what your kitchen could benefit from when preparing your home for its sale.

Oftentimes, small projects are all that are needed to get your kitchen fresh again, but sometimes the projects can become more complex. If you find yourself looking at structural changes to appeal to the aesthetics of the space, then contacting a home improvement contractor can definitely be the way to go.

When considering a kitchen remodel, consider the following features that home buyers tend to look at first:

  • Kitchen cabinets that can be cleaned up, sanded and refinished, or even just need new hardware do not need to be replaced at all. Avoid this if you can, as many times a kitchen renovation can go overboard quickly, especially with the unnecessary purchase of new cabinetry. If your cabinets need only a little refreshing, consider doing this yourself. If you do feel the cabinets should go, go ahead and bring in the pros. They'll help you choose the best for your kitchen and your budget.

  • Energy efficient appliances can add considerable value to the kitchen. Buyers often look straight to the appliances when walking through the kitchen of their potential new home. If your appliances are up to date, it's best to avoid purchasing brand new items.

  • Flooring is also another factor to consider. If your flooring is outdated, you have many options in materials to choose from. Tile, wood flooring, laminate flooring, and more are all at your disposal. This is also one of those projects that can easily be done yourself but won't break your budget if you do need to hire a contractor.

  • Many buyers also look for that eat-in space or breakfast nook. If you have the square footage but don't have the layout, a contractor can help remodel the space to change the current plan. Hiring a contractor for this renovation is probably the best bet, as sometimes structural issues can arise. Once your space is finished, though, you can spruce it up to give your kitchen the perfect finishing touches. 

If you decide to remodel your home to include updated features, hiring a contractor can be a great benefit. When it comes to the larger projects like moving walls, adding framing, and other structural design features, the pros are the way to go. Contact a company like Another Estimate LLC for more information about the services they can provide. Keep in mind that smaller projects like refinishing your cabinets, adding new light fixtures, or painting are best done yourself to save money and still add the value you want for your home.