Internal And External Kitchen Remodeling Space Options

One of the most common complaints homeowners have about their kitchens is that they're too small. If this is the case for you, there are ways to achieve more kitchen space without having a new addition added to your home. The kitchen has become one of the most used areas of the house for many families, so carving out more space for it can benefit your family and add value to your home. The kitchen is so popular because it's where families eat, socialize, pay bills, do homework, relax and more.

Although remodeling your kitchen can be expensive, real estate agents believe the expense is worth it because a well-designed kitchen is important to buyers. Your kitchen can be enlarged by redesigning the floor plan of your existing kitchen, adding space from adjacent internal areas or rooms, and using your porch, patio or sunroom as a part of your new kitchen.

Redesign Your Current Floor Space for Optimum Use

To help you decide how to expand your kitchen without using additional floor space, create a floor plan. As part of your kitchen makeover, write what you love about your current kitchen, what you don't like, and what you need to make it more user-friendly for your family's lifestyle. Assessing the functionality of your kitchen's work triangle is a good place to start. This work triangle consists of the sink, refrigerator, and the stove or range.

If you determine you need more counter space, you can have at least one component of your work triangle installed at an angle within one of the poorly used corners of your kitchen. For instance, you can have your refrigerator installed in one corner, your range in the other corner, with your sink in between. This will free up counter space in areas that used to be occupied by your refrigerator and stove.

Other ways to extend counter space are to install your microwave over your range, add a peninsula, or have a multi-functional kitchen island installed. This island can replace your kitchen table, sink and range, or, if there is enough space, it can also be used as an additional seating and eating area, or for an extra sink or cooktop.

If you use your kitchen table to pay bills, study, or work from home, you can add a desk to your island or peninsula. These changes should also allow for more cabinet space above or below the countertops to increase your storage space. There should also be extra space to install a dishwasher, trash compactor, or a bar sink to be used for entertaining.

Extending Your Kitchen From the Inside

If changing the floor plan doesn't provide enough space, consider using some of the areas next to your kitchen to expand it. For example, if you have a formal dining room that is rarely used, you can have all, or part, of it added to your kitchen space. So, your new kitchen configuration can have a larger kitchen that flows into a larger dining area. This will make it easier for the cook to socialize with family and friends during food prep and entertaining.

Using External Space to Make Your Kitchen Larger

You can significantly extend your kitchen space by having part of your porch, patio or sunroom converted to become kitchen space. If you don't want to lose the open feel of your external spaces, add several windows in the new kitchen addition.These new windows can also make it easier to add plants or to start a garden.

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