Four Fun Window Ideas To Consider When Replacing Windows

Remodeling a house is an exciting experience. It is fun to play with all the different materials and colors to make your property reflect your unique taste. When you are replacing your windows, stray away from the same old thing and consider a fun design to add character to your house. Here is a list of unique window designs that look great in any home.


Pivoting windows are a great way to bring light into your house. They are big and airy and can fit into any home style. The windows are designed using a center pivot from which they are opened. They can open in any direction. Picture a revolving door with only one door instead of two and that is what a pivoting window resembles when it is opened. The downside of pivoting windows is they are swung into the room instead of being pushed up or out like a normal window. You will need to arrange the furniture around them so they can fully open.


Show off your artistic side with fun asymmetrical windows. There are so many different options for these kinds of windows, so there is something for everyone. The windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can opt to have the windows be functional so they open or you can choose the option of windows that don't open. Asymmetrical windows can fit easily into any home.


Stained glass windows have always been a beautiful touch to buildings. They are most often viewed in religious properties, but they can also be installed in your home. You can design your own image for the stained glass window or have a pre-designed image placed in the house. Stained glass is available in any color and it creates a gorgeous splash of rainbow hues to the interior of the property when light shines through it.


Beveled glass windows are similar to stained glass in design, but typically don't have the colored panes. The word "beveled" means sloping edge, which is how the windows are created. Once they are completed, it gives the effect of angled prisms on the glass, which can create rainbows when the light shines on them just right. They are a classy way to add something fun to the house without a huge splash of color like stained glass. However, just like the stained glass, you can also create your own images with the beveled glass to give it your personal touch. Contact a company like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. for more information.