How To Repair Fiberglass Bathtubs

Fiberglass bathtub basins are extremely durable. However, there is always a small chance that the surface can get scratched, cracked or chipped. You should know how to patch holes in fiberglass holes so you can fix them as soon as they pop up. You should never use your bathtub if there is even the slightest crack in the fiberglass. This is especially true if the crack is at the bottom of the basin. Here is a basic guide to patching fiberglass.

Use a Fiberglass Patch Kit

First, you will need a fiberglass patch kit. These kits include special resin, primer, sandpaper, a small squeegee and a fiberglass cloth. You can buy these things separate, but is much more convenient to just buy the all-inclusive kits. 

Sanding the Cracked Area

First, you need to prepare the surface you are going to patch by sanding it down a little bit. Most kits will include two different sandpapers. Use the rougher sandpaper for this step. Sand just a small perimeter around the cracked area. The point of the sanding is actually to rough up the surface. If the cracked area has a slightly rougher texture, it will be a better surface for the patch to adhere to. The resin might not create a strong bond if you apply it straight on top of glossy fiberglass.

Cut the Cloth to Size

Now, cut the fiberglass cloth to size. Cut it so it overhangs the damaged area by a couple of inches on each side. To assist in holding the cloth in place, especially on a vertical surface, you should tape it at the top corners with normal masking tape. 

Apply the Resin

Next, you can start to apply the resin. Start at the edge opposite to the tape. Spread the resin all over the cloth with the included squeegee. Spread it an inch farther out from the edges of the cloth. As you spread the resin across the cloth, remove the tape from the other edge.

Finishing Off the Job

Work carefully when using the squeegee as you try to wipe away the excess resin. You will need to wait at least 24 hours for the resin to dry before you can sand it down again. Use the smoother sandpaper to lightly buff and smooth out the patch.

This simple job is absolutely necessary if you want to keep using your bathtub after it gets cracked. If you'd rather leave this task to a professional, visit Surface Specialists of Mid-MN.