Bring New Life To An Old Patio With A Spring Spruce-Up

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be only about your home's interior. It can also extend to giving your outdoor spaces a fresh and clean new look, even on a small budget. Here are 5 ways to spring clean your patio on any budget. 

New Flooring

Your patio facelift can begin underneath your feet. If your patio is simple concrete, you can change its whole style and appearance by using the concrete as a substrate base on which to place tiles, bricks, slate or even a little outdoor carpeting. If new flooring isn't in the budget, try painting or staining the flooring material instead. Or add some plush throw rugs where people will be lounging on the patio. 

Inviting Furniture

Draw guests outside by sprucing up your furniture. If you already have outdoor furniture, take a look at what could use a little fresh paint or some reupholstering. Another thing to consider is whether your furnishings are inviting. Are they comfortable and engaging? To add warmth, try adding a few pillows, oversize plush cushions or larger seats. 

Spruce up the Entrance

A patio's success begins at the doorway from the house. Examine your exterior doors both on the inside and on the outside. Do they work easily and safely? Is the space leading outside inviting to use? Could it use a coat of paint in a fun new color? If it's an old door, consider upgrading to an energy-efficient model or one with windows to look out on the patio. Or try widening the frame or converting it to sliding glass doors to help encourage people to use the outdoor area. 

Add Plants

Take advantage of the patio's position as an outdoor room by using greenery and flowers. Fill a few containers with flowers -- including flower boxes for any adjacent windows, large pots on the edges of the patio and hanging baskets overhead. Use evergreens or small trees to add some privacy to the patio, which makes people more comfortable using it. 

Create a Theme

Spring cleaning is a great time to think about the theme or style of your patio. Does it even have one, or is it a mishmash of things bought and placed there over the years? If you have no cohesive theme to the space, create one now. Do you want a modern, clean space? A charming, cottage chic? Traditional formal garden style? Once you set your style, create a color palette consisting of no more than three colors -- one main color and two accent colors -- to bring your space to life. 

By sprucing up your patio before summer arrives, you will be ready to enjoy it for the most amount of time as the weather improves. And the investment now will mean you can sit back and relax with friends and family all year long.