Four Things You Can Do To Help Your Kitchen Remodel Go Smoothly In A Condo

Kitchen remodels can have specific challenges, but home renovations in a condo can have can come with its own set of challenges. Condo spaces have specifications and access issues that need to be thought through ahead of time when it comes to kitchen renovations. Here are four things that you can do to help your contractor and ensure that your kitchen remodel goes smoothly in a condo unit.

1. Provide Access for Contractor

Sometimes getting into the interior of a condoplex can be a challenge in itself. Be sure that your kitchen contractor knows how to get into your complex, where to park, and has exterior keys if it helps. If they will be bringing in large items such as countertops or appliances, be sure to provide access to elevators if possible. Put down cardboard or coverings in common spaces to avoid scratching and tracking in dirt and grime.

2. Run Work by Your HOA

While you might be a condo owner, this comes with rules that are a part of a larger community. You wouldn't want a neighbor doing work without proper permits or approvals. Be sure to run all work such as putting in kitchen flooring and plumbing by your condo management to make sure you are in compliance with community guidelines.

3. Schedule Water Shutoffs

Most kitchen work will involve having to shut off water in order to install items such as new sinks and dishwashers.  Condo communities usually have shared water that needs to be scheduled for shut-offs. Check with your HOA or property management team to make sure you know where water values are located before your kitchen contractor shows up. Once you have a time scheduled for your work, your HOA may require you to send out or post an announcement of this as a favor to your neighbors.

4. Safety and Security

If you will have kitchen contractors in and out of your condo, safety and security need to be thought through. If you will have doors open to hallways and gates outside of your condo, you might open this up to thieves coming in and taking advantage. Don't leave out your purse or valuables that can be grabbed easily. It might be hard to keep track if you have multiple workers on-site.

Condo living can be great because smaller spaces are easier to remodel, but this doesn't mean that a kitchen renovation in a condo unit shouldn't be taken seriously. Understanding the unique challenges that can come with doing work on your kitchen space can help you prepare for your contractor. To learn more about home renovations, contact a company like EcoHomeNY Designs Inc.