Minimize Upkeep With Kitchen Remodeling That Focuses On Dark Colors

Spending so much time in the kitchen means that it may end up being the place where you need to do the most cleaning. But, you may not like how much time is required to keep this space attractive. It is possible to improve this aspect of your kitchen by making changes such as switching from a drop-in sink to an undermounted sink that does not have a rim around the edges which can catch and hold in dirt. Investing in a kitchen remodel while focusing on dark colors is an excellent way to minimize overall upkeep.


A light-colored countertop such as marble or butcher block with certain wood species will show up dirt easily. It is best to make the switch to another countertop, but you will not just be able to pick granite or quartz and be finished. While these countertops are resilient and should lead to less cleaning, you will want to choose a darker color so that the smallest food particles do not end up showing up on the surface. A countertop that is blended with multiple dark colors is ideal because it will help with blending.


Another feature that you can make better for cleaning is the backsplash. If there is no backsplash, you will want to add one that boasts a dark color so that when something splashes against the wall, you can feel confident about your ability to clean it up in a matter of seconds. You will also appreciate that such a backsplash does not get dirty as the darker color means only light-colored spills will show up clearly.


The cabinets that you use in the kitchen will play a huge role in how much cleaning must be done. If you have white cabinets, it is almost inevitable for fingers to touch the surface and spread natural oils. The best solution is to get dark cabinetry, which is something that you can accomplish by purchasing all new cabinets. Another option is just paying a kitchen remodeling company to paint the current ones. Black, brown, and even dark red are a few examples of colors that should be easy to maintain over the years.

While it is important to understand that you will have to clean up in the kitchen over time, you should feel confident about striving to keep the general upkeep to a minimum and you can accomplish this goal by hiring a kitchen home remodeling company to make several improvements to this space.