Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas To Give Your Home An Open-Concept Design Makeover

If you are planning on updating your kitchen, it may need a more open design. Open-concept remodeling projects are a great way to give your home a modern and practical design. Since the kitchen is a central area of your home, it is also one of the best places to invest in remodeling for an open-concept design. Thus, you probably also want to have some ideas for your kitchen remodeling project, and the following information can help:

Tear Down the Walls Without Problems

Closed kitchen designs often have walls and doors that make these spaces feel cramped. This was done to keep fumes and heat from the kitchen out of the rest of your home in the past. It also helps to prevent grease and grime from building up in other areas. Thus, there are some things that you may want to consider to prevent these issues when tearing down walls in the kitchen, including:

  • Build a parapet wall at the ceiling
  • Make the ceilings in the kitchen higher
  • Install skylights and improved ventilation
  • Use beams to support loads and separate spaces

The kitchen design is a place where you may want to have fewer walls. Thus, you may want to keep heat and grime from cooking out of the rest of your home. Therefore, beams, custom ceilings, and ventilation are important.

Use Open Cabinet Features

There is also the cabinet layout, which is another area where you want to plan for an open-concept design. There are different cabinetry designs that can help make your kitchen feel more spacious, including:

  • Add floating shelves
  • Use cabinets with open shelving (no doors)
  • Add glass display units to the cabinet design

The cabinets you install in your kitchen can be open or have glass door features. These features help make your new kitchen feel spacious and give you a place to display things like good china.

Recess Kitchen Design Features

Many of the features in your kitchen are fastened directly to the walls. This leaves a lot of space unused inside wall cavities and other voids. Thus, recessed features are a great way to give your kitchen more space. Some of the options for recessed kitchen features include:

  • Recessed shelves in wall cavities
  • Narrower cabinet units recessed into walls
  • Recessed pantries with spacious design and cabinet doors

The recessed features can be improved even further by using narrower cabinetry units and minimal materials to prevent wasting valuable space in your kitchen.

Use Custom Ceilings and Lighting Designs

The ceilings in your new kitchen can also have a custom design. The main thing you may want to do with custom ceilings is to make them higher. This will help reflect natural light to brighten up space in your kitchen. In addition, you also want to choose the right lighting features for your kitchen. Recessed and indirect lighting will help accent features and make your kitchen feel spacious and comfortable.

The open-concept design for your kitchen will give your home a more spacious layout for the main gathering spaces. Contact a kitchen remodeling service in your area to discuss these ideas when planning open-concept designs for your home.